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DTC has been involved in the supply of Alcatel – Lucent networking products since the merger of the two companies in 2006. These activities have continued and increased since Nokia’s acquisition of the organization in 2016. Our product portfolio covers multiple product platforms  running across both legacy copper infrastructure  and next generation fiber optic cables as well as wireless networks. Our supply capabilities are currently focused in particular on IP Routing, IP Transport and Access technology products where there is continued strong demand globally. Networking topologies include circuit , packet  and PSTN switching with a wide choice of multiplexing options.

A current selection of warehoused stock includes the following platforms:

  • The OMS 1664 Multiservice Provisioning Platform (1664,1654,1664,1634,1684,1674) allows TDM, SAN, Ethernet, and VPN services over a single platform. The OMS platform can   operate as a STM-64 / STM-16 / STM-4 / STM-1 Terminal, Add/Drop and DCX multiplexer.
  • The 7750 Service Router  combines  series combines a broad range of Ethernet and multiservice interfaces, integrating IPv4/ IPv6, Ethernet, PBB and MPLS network protocols.
  • 7450 Ethernet Service Switches  deliver Carrier Ethernet Services as well as Metro traffic aggregation. 10 G, 40GE, and 100 GE Gigabit Interfaces are available.
  • 1830 Photonic Service Switch: this PSS platform offers integrated photonic, OTN and packet networking technologies. The 1830 PSS – 4,8,16,32 share platform commonality whilst delivering a variety of network deployments.
  • 1850 Transport Service Switch: this series of TSS platforms support a mix of technologies traffic including SDH/SONET, TDM and Packet networking.
  • Legacy ADM SDH transmission 1600 Series (1640 Fox,1642 EMUX, 1660, 1670 SM, 1675,1678,1678 MCC)
  • Legacy Access 7300 ASAM ATM  DSLAM (7302, 7330, 7360)
  • Current Access 7300, ISAM IP DSLAM (7330 7356,7353)
  • Legacy PSTN switching from the Alcatel 1000 E10 switch family.
  • Current DWDM transmission platforms from the Metrospan series   (1696,1692, 1686)
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