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This statement is made on behalf of DTC International LTD and is made pursuant to s.54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out our stance and commitment towards tackling modern slavery and eradicating it from society. DTC International provide Engineering and Professional Services to
UK telecommunication companies.

The Directors at DTC International LTD are committed to understanding the issues relating to Modern Slavery in relation to the business. We fully support the government’s objectives to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking. DTC recognise the importance of ensuring that
there is no form of modern slavery or human trafficking occurring in our business activities, or within our supply chains, or in any other of our business dealings.

All employees will be required to provide ‘Right to Work’ – UK to ensure that they are free to legally work in the UK.

All employees of DTC International will be paid above the UK minimum wage and their payment will be directly into their bank account. Contracts with the employees will not restrict their options to leave the employment of DTC International.

We operate a number of internal policies to ensure that we are conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner. These include:

  • Ethics Policy
  • Modern Slavery Act – Whistleblowing Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Dignity and Respect

Our focus will be to maintain a healthy and stable supply chain which benefits all stakeholders and encourages good and fair working conditions where employees are free from harm, threat or harassment of any kind, are paid regularly at a sustainable level and have a mechanism to raise issues.
Where there are issues we will seek to provide the support with the objective that the people in our supply chain are treated fairly, however, where satisfactory improvement is not made and we can find no other way forward, we will move away from an offending supplier.

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