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Recovering maximum value with minimal disruption


The first step in recovering residual value from your end-of-life telecom assets is the safe and effective  dismantling and removal of your redundant networking equipment.

Backed by 27 years of experience, DTC provides an expert, fully managed, telecom recovery service, working in close partnership with you to carry out network asset recoveries with minimal disruption to your business.

Removal can be carried out in live or network dead operating environments anywhere in the world – with typical areas of recovery including public switched telephone network exchange buildings,  data centres, warehouses, 2G/ 3G mobile networks, broadband access networks and outside plant surplus copper cable infrastructure.

In all cases, our highly trained service technicians deliver a safe and effective project plan built around your unique requirements – combined with fully managed logistical support by road, air and sea.

Telecom Equipment Recovery

The benefits of telecom network asset recovery


Monetise expired assets – Once recovered, we’ll evaluate, audit and safely store your telecom equipment for global re-marketing or immediate recycling, generating an on-going return stream for your business.

Freeing up property and resources – Removing your legacy and surplus telecom equipment reduces the need for property footprint, paving the way for re-use, consolidation and potentially lucrative sell-off.

Save money on energy and maintenance resources  – Switching off power-hungry old equipment can create major OPEX savings on an annual basis.

Why DTC?


Global operations – We have a proven track record of managing telecoms recovery projects across multiple industry sectors around the world.

Wide-ranging service – Our recovery service covers fixed, mobile and CPE networking assets down to the physical layer legacy copper infrastructure. We operate from the desktop to the cable duct.

Environmental responsibility – We assume legal and ethical responsibility for equipment collected, guaranteeing WEEE compliance in the disposal and recycling of all materials.

Fully accredited – Certified to BSI ISO 9001, BSI ISO 14001 and BSI ISO 45001 standards, we maintain the highest levels of compliance within our industry.


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