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WEEE-compliant network equipment recycling to meet your green goals


When your end-of-life telecoms equipment can’t be re-sold, we provide the best possible return on your investment through our specialist telecom recycling program.

By undertaking first-stage hand disassembly to maximise the separation of precious metals and other valued commodities, we are able to deliver higher customer returns through less contaminated and more re-usable material.

For your business, that doesn’t just mean more money recovered from your telecoms network investment. It means contributing to sustainable initiatives and minimising materials sent to landfill as well as safeguarding your corporate brand.

Breaking down the benefits:


Get more money back Separation of circuit boards, radios, batteries, cable, plastic and precious metals help recover maximum value from your obsolete assets and secure long-term reuse within the circular economy.

Protect your brand – Our environmentally friendly, WEEE-compliant, responsible network equipment recycling processes protect your company and reputation.

Follow the trail All materials are processed in the UK and EU region, providing a fully regulated audit trail for full peace of mind.

Why DTC?


Wide-ranging network equipment recycling activities We can recycle all elements of a network including central office / PSTN switching, transmission, access, mobile RAN, CPE, broadcast equipment and outside plant legacy infrastructure.

Accredited and compliant data destruction DTC’s in-house Data Cleansing Lab offers a secure, fully automated erasure solution, using industry recognised software.

Constant review Our recycling processes are constantly monitored and reviewed through our ISO 14001 environmental management system.


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