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Make and save money managing your obsolete inventory


Once your redundant network equipment has been recovered, DTC Telecom audit, warehouse and re-market the assets with secondary value / demand and recycle the materials which cannot be re-sold.

As well as recapturing maximum value from the saleable assets in your obsolete inventory, you  also benefit from significant OPEX savings thanks to outsourced off-site warehousing and storage.

Even with your assets held off site, full visibility is always ensured – with an ‘open book’ policy on all stock currently held, and a monthly record of all resold and recycled equipment. Regular surplus stock reviews are undertaken with all our customers.


The benefits of telecom lifecycle asset management re-marketing


Gain visibility on expired assets – Recovered equipment is fully inspected to ascertain value, with saleable assets audited down to platform, part/serial number and software revision. You’ll finally get visibility on the true value of your legacy surplus technology hardware estate.

Access a ready-made market – Resale stock is uploaded to our ERP platform and then promoted  to more than 15,000 global traders, while equally important one-to-one marketing occurs with our long-established clients and partners, including OEM’s, Repair Houses, System Integrators and other Operators.

Drive efficiency – Create revenue through re-use, redeployment and support the circular economy within the global telecom industry.

Why DTC?


No warehousing costs We don’t charge for storing your equipment, meaning significant  savings on your warehousing rental, energy expenses and human resource operating costs.

No re-marketing costs As well as no storage costs, there are no charges for sales commission, supplier shipping, RMA processing and packaging for goods going out to buyers.

Smart stock management By managing the market with advance knowledge of incoming stock, we can have prospective buyers lined up for your equipment the moment it arrives in our warehouse.


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