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Global secondary market demand for Nortel networking products remains strong despite the company filing for bankruptcy protection in 2009. This is due to the extremely strong market position prior to filing and the large amount of globally deployed platforms within the Operator segment. The company grew significantly during the optical networking and internet boom between 1998 -2002. DTC has been and continues to supply products across the original Nortel portfolio stretching from customer premises equipment to core networking technologies.

In 2010 Ciena completed the acquisition of Nortel’s optical and carrier Ethernet assets. As well as legacy badged Nortel products DTC also supply a range of parts from platforms in both Ciena’s packet networking and converged packet optical portfolio.

A current selection of warehouse stock includes the following platforms:

  • The Nortel Optical Metro (OM) 3000 series is range of transport products providing both DWDM and packet switching in the metro transport network with additional TDM, storage and Ethernet service capabilities.
  • Ciena has continued to develop the proven Optical Metro (OM) 4000 platform for SDH applications. This multiplexor share some functionality with the OM 5000 series and is available in two models – 4150 and 4200.
  • Formerly known as the OPTera 5000 series the Optical Metro 5000 series comprises the 5100 and 5200 models providing managed wavelength services  across a variety of networking applications.
  • The 6500 family of packet optical platforms includes the D2, D7/S8, D14/S14, S32. This latest technology integrates packet, OTN, and wavelength service capabilities in a single wavelength platform. Networking can be adapted to support 2.5G to 100G switched  or DWDM bandwidth applications  form from 2.5G up to 400G.
  • The Nortel  OPTera Long Haul 1600 is a multi-service system for Ethernet and 2.5G/ 10G  transport services , now known as the Optical Long Haul 1600, it is an open, multiservice photonic system that transports Ethernet and 2.5G/10G wavelength-based services. Optical add / drop multiplexing (OADM) supports management of local traffic in a long haul networking environment.
  • DTC continues to recover large quantities of Passport switches from our global Reverse Logistics operations. Models including 6400, 7400, 8600 and the 15000 support voice, circuit emulations, ATM backbone switching, IP and Frame Relay services.
  • The TNS series  represents Nortel’s first generation of SDH optical multiplexors (TN1X, TN1 C, TN4X, TN16X, TN64X). Configurations include ring node, terminal multiplexor, cross connect and optical add / drop functionality.
  • Ciena’s CoreStream Agility and CoreStream Regional offer WDM routing of 2.5 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit wavelengths , with migration to 40G across metro, regional and long haul submarine routes. Flexible and programmable transport modules can support SONET, SDH,OTN and Ethernet interfaces.

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