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DTC is specifically involved in the spare and repair of products in Nokia’s Operator portfolio covering key areas such as fixed, optical, IP, radio core and mobile networks. We supply clients in the service provider and enterprise sector together with private dedicated network operators in the transport and utility sectors. As an independent reseller, our Nokia spares supply business exports globally with a strong customer base in EMEA, APAC, LatAm, and North America regions.

A current selection of stock includes:

  • The Dynanet product is a range of legacy 2Mbit/s primary access multiplexors still widely deployed in both public and private dedicated networks. DTC recovers and stocks a full range of parts for models as well as power units, varied interfaces and cables ready to ship. Key platforms include DM2, DB2,and DN2. Key data interface units include.V.35,V.11, V.24.V28 and X.21.
  • Nokia’s  Synfonet range developed further SDH and DWDM capabilities from the Dynanet brand. The SDH solution operating at STM1, 4 and 16 capacity was often marketed and deployed in conjunction with the DX 200 digital switching platform for public operators. Discontinued many years ago but still in demand especially within dedicated private networks serving transport and utility sectors.
  • The DX-200 Nokia is a Carrier Class digital switching system with a development history stretching back to  the 1970’s.This platform was deployed in both fixed line and mobile telephony networks with strong export to the Middle East and Asia during the 1980’s. Modular based in both hardware and software design this product family utilized the DX-210 and DX -220 within local PSTN switching environments. A wide selection of value added services and applications were developed for inter-networking. DTC is able to supply hardware parts within the system architecture across all areas including group switching, subscriber unit switching and control, and line signalling. V5 interfacing allowed build out of the access network delivering fixed line POTS and ISDN as well as wireless access solutions.
  • The Nokia Siemens EWSD digital switching system was widely deployed in more than over 100 countries stretching back to the mid 1980’s. In recent years DTC’s Reverse Logistics business has had the opportunity to recover this type of platform in volumes as migration to NGN services has increased. There are six major subsystems within the architecture of the EWSD platform with the SS7 signalling capability supporting traffic over TDM,ATM and IP. Switch configuration allows for deployment in both fixed line and mobile networks.
  • DTC specializes in national recoveries of 2G,3G and surplus acquisition of 4G LTE mobile network equipment for both the RAN and core switching. Key hardware parts are stocked for resale from MSC, BSC and BTS units. Demand for Nokia is centred around legacy transceivers, power amplifiers, combiners, multiplexors, control units as well as peripherals. Platforms include spares for the Flexi, Talk and Ultra Site portfolios encompassing micro, metro, indoor and outdoor cabinet installations.
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