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Marconi was originally established in the UK in 1963 and went through many organizational changes related to principal business activities in the manufacturing, defence and telecommunications industries. The demise of the company came in 2006 with Ericsson acquiring the key networking business and continuing to support it.

Today legacy Marconi products are still very in demand globally  particularly across EMEA and Asia. DTC’s managed Reverse Logistics unit provides a constant recovery stream from the field of original Marconi platforms year on year. Many of these are kept to support operational maintenance  and repair needs from both public and private dedicated network Operators.

A current selection of warehouse stock includes the following platforms and various configurations.

  • The SMA multiplexor (Series 1,3,4 , STM 4,16,64) is a  range of add / drop multiplexors deployed in the metro network supporting a range of networking technologies including PDH/SDH, ATM, Ethernet and IP technologies.
  • The MSH platform  (11c,41c,51c,63,64,84,86, 2K) is a family of STM multiplexors, regenerators and cross connects.
  • The wave division MHL 3000 DWDM  (CWDM,OADM,ROADM) is a multi-reach optical DWDM platform providing  SDH/SONET, Ethernet and SAN services ranging from 2.5Gbit/s, to 10 Gbit/s and 40 Gbit/s for edge, metro and core applications.
  • The OMS Multi-Service Core Switching Series (800,1200,1400, 1600,3200) was rebranded to Ericsson and is a range of SDH multiplexors for metro –edge and metro networks. Functionality allows simultaneous deployment of traditional TDM services (E1, E3,T3, STM1) alongside Ethernet transport interfaces( 10,100 and Gig E).
  • In the access network the AXH DSLAM (600,1200, 2500) is a  legacy multi –service access delivery platform operating over copper infrastructure supporting up to 512 X DSL lines in a single shelf.
  • Also in the access network the XMP1 is a is a flexible Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) switching both PDH and SDH network technologies. Services include voice, ISDN, data and LAN.
  • In the mobile network area the MDRS 155 EC LH  (Marconi digital  radio system) is designed for indoor use allowing up to 10 x STM1 / OC-3 radio channels to be housed in a single ETSI rack.
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