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DTC as an independent hardware supplier has been increasingly involved in offering a wide range of Huawei parts to the market, specifically over the last seven years as this OEM has grown to be the largest in the world.

Primarily through global recovery operations, we now have continual incoming products available especially within the access and metro fixed line network layers, as well as the mobile RAN area.

A current selection of warehoused stock includes the following platforms:

  • As migration continues towards an all optical access network, DTC can supply various parts to support copper based broadband technologies such as VDSL 2, ADSL,ADSL2, ADSL2+, SHDSL and POTS within various Huawei MSAN and DSLAM platforms. Newer access devices such as the MA 5800C also support Vectoring and GPON in a dual copper/ fibre environment. Older platform parts from the HONET UA5000 series are readily available for shipping now.
  • Available from stock the Optix OSN 1800 utilizes both OTN and WDM technologies for bandwidth connectivity and management. At the metro level this platform supports multiple transmission needs from E1, E3, T3, FE, GE, STM-x,10GE, to 100GE across all network layers.1U,2U and 5U units can be installed in a standard cabinet. Applications within fixed line broadband, metro Ethernet, mobile back haul and long haul DWDM are most common.
  • The Optix 8800 offers a range of OTN/SDH and Packet transmission services and is commonly deployed within backbone networks. In addition, there is feature capability at the national and cross border long haul WDM 40G/ 100G level. Cross connection, grooming and ROADM capabilities are also supported. As part of an overall OTN networking solution this platform also interoperates with the OSN 1800 series.
  • DTC’s recovery operations provide stock access to wide range of radio access network (RAN) products from Huawei. GSM, UMTS, EDGE, HSPA,  CDMA and LTE technology standards are all covered by parts available. Current in demand BTS platforms include the 3812 and the indoor macro 3900 base station available now.

Huawei CX600-X16

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