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Fujitsu telecom’s portfolio of networking products addresses multiple market segments including public operators, as well as dedicated private networks in the energy, government, and transport sectors. In terms of network layers, products are deployed globally with a significant presence in both access and transmission layers. DTC field recoveries enable a consistent after – market supply of Fujitsu products around the globe for use in both legacy copper and next-generation fibre infrastructure networks. Mobile backhaul is also a key area for Fujitsu product solutions. Fujitsu continues to form new partnerships in the telecom sector to take a leadership position especially in the area of wireless 5G and beyond.

A current selection of warehoused stock includes the following platforms:

  • GeoStream Access Gateway is a Multi-Service Access Node solution (MSAN). This access platform manages multiple legacy technologies still utilized in the ‘last mile’ while providing an interface to emerging next generation technologies. Across legacy copper infrastructure GeoStream supports POT’s, ISDN, XDSL. Also utilizing TDM, ATM and Ethernet technologies for core integration, this platform has also evolved over the past 15 years to manage fibre access connections.
  • FLASHWAVE 9500 is a single modular optical networking platform. Driving network optimisation this platform combines Ethernet, ROADM and SONET/SDH technologies in a single shelf. Deployed in a multitude of broadband, metro, Ethernet and backhaul scenarios for cost effective aggregation and transmission.
  • FLASHWAVE 7500 is a multi-purpose ROADM / DWDM platform specifically aimed at metro and regional applications in both ANSI and ETSI markets. With integration to the 9500 platform the system supports 10G, 40G and 100G wavelengths. Network capacity is up to 1.6Tbps equivalent 40 x 40G wavelengths.
  • FLASHWAVE 4500 is a multi-service provisioning platform creating hybrid solutions across TDM and Packet networking technologies. SONET layer from OC3 – OC48 transmission on multi-rate cards. This platform provides a bridge and continuity between existing deployed networks and newer converged voice, data and videos services.
  • FLASHWAVE 4100 – ES Micro Packet Optical Networking Platform. Within ANSI markets this product offers a range of provisioning choices for applications including mobile aggregation and backhaul across 2G,3G, 4G wireless as well as private dedicated fixed network deployments. Inter-operability with the 9500 platform also facilitates TDM solutions at the network edge.
  • FLM Series. For North America and other ANSI markets DTC is still active in the legacy supply of the Fujitsu Lightwave Multiplexor Series including the 150 ADM (Add/ Drop Multiplexor), FLM 600 ADM, and FLM 2400 ADM.
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