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DTC’s involvement with Ericsson’s wide portfolio of products and services concentrates on networking products. As an independent supplier of telecom hardware our stock availability covers core legacy TDM switching, SDH, ATM, microwave and IP transport; multiple generations of radio technologies and broadband access across both copper and fibre infrastructure.

A current selection of stock includes:

  • The AXE series of digital circuit switched telephone exchanges. The architecture comprises three key modular elements namely APT, APZ and the APG I/O part. DTC has recovered significant volumes of the AXE10 and AXE 810 over the past ten years as NGN migration occurs globally and will continue to do so as PSTN shutdown and migration from copper to fibre continues at pace. This platform is the most widely deployed Class 5 Carrier switch stretching back to 1976. DTC’s stock includes subscriber cards for landline, trunk and international switching parts, and the necessary APT to also support mobile operating networks such based on  TDMA,GSM,CDMA and W-CDMA technologies.
  • The MINI-LINK portfolio of products offer both short and long-haul capability as well as indoor and outdoor deployment options. Short haul outdoor platform include 6351,6352 and 6366 with 1, 10 and 2.5 Gbps transmission capacity. The MINI-LINK TN ( traffic node) is utilized in both access sites and for hubbing with integrated TDM routing and Ethernet packet switching. Fixed broadband over microwave and packet mobile backhaul are key applications. MINI-LINK long-haul microwave solutions are for long hops up to 190 KM with a 10Gbps capacity. Additional portfolio products include High Capacity, Compact and Broadband Access nodes.
  • Working globally with major Operators DTC’s reverse logistics business delivers substantial volume in surplus mobile network assets into our central UK warehouse. Mobile switching centre (MSC), base station controller (BSC) and base transceiver stations (BTS) units are key hardware platforms held for re-use and cover 2G, 3G and 4G radio systems together with associated site material. RBS 2000, 3000 and 6000 series parts are available now from DTC with radios, combiners and power modules from specific platforms such as 2106, 2116, 2202, 2206, 2216, 2302, 2308, 3101, 3106, 3202, 3206, 3518, 6202, 6601 in demand for global shipping.
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