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DTC Telecoms’ Technical Network Service (TNS) business unit provides Professional Engineering and Consultancy services to companies and organizations around the globe. Customer segments include OEM’s, Operators and Multinational Enterprise customers. In 2021 our core engineering experience and skill sets now cover projects across optical transmission and IP technologies, access (copper and fibre) networks, legacy PSTN, and CPE projects.

Our Technical Network Service unit provides global assistance and multi-vendor trained hardware engineering resources in these key areas across fixed / mobile networks and data centre / exchange / central office environments.

  • Audits, design, planning, vendor selection, documentation / process creation, project management and customer training.
  • Pre – staging and testing on multi –vendor hardware platforms across all network layers including IP, optical transmission, legacy switching and access networking technologies.
  • Installation and commissioning including site / field surveys with testing and quality assurance built in for Service Provider, Enterprise, Energy, and Transport telecom networks.
  • Operations and maintenance includes both field, on site and remote support. Expansion, channel adds for optical transmission, migration, corrective and preventative maintenance as well as fully managed 24/ 7 NOC service support clients globally.
  • Decommissioning services and recovery services have been active for over three decades. Services include full site and network audits, traffic migration, power down and recovery of internal cabling along with surplus hardware.

Moving forward into 2022 and relevant to increasing RAN sharing and 5G deployments DTC has introduced a new offering within our services portfolio specifically for mobile clients with extensive infrastructure across significant geographies. Our tower inspection service is involved in the strengthening and inspections of existing structures to validate safe continuous in-service operations and to avoid the endangerment of life, unplanned outages, and loss of assets.

Inspections can include these type of activities:

  • Inspection of concrete and masonry foundations for cracks and weaknesses.
  • Review of steel structures for corrosion and weld defects.
  • Foundation strengthening for increased loading.
  • In-service inspection of lattice tower and monopole guy wire/ropes for anchor corrosion, tension, vortex induced vibration, fatigue induced weakness.
  • Lattice tower and monopole scheduled/ad-hoc in-service health inspection, including holding down bolts and flanges.
  • Rooftop integrity inspection for proposed installations.
  • Chimney elevated mounted installations integrity inspection.

The basic concept of our independent dedicated NOC and Virtualized NOC services support clients with an outsourced model, freeing up resource and facilities / office space. Relevant technical engineering skills available to support corrective maintenance that are scalable combined with additional value adds including network optimisation, capacity management, weekly / monthly analysis and reporting. Linked to our Lab, test and integration services we can support the resolution of complex networking issues.

We offer network monitoring for IP, Optical, RAN, Security & Environmental systems, either using our own NOC facilities or vNOC which uses your Network Management Platforms with our engineers having a VPN into your platforms and working remotely. Fully managed services including 24/7 monitoring, tier 2 support and depending on what agreements you have in place with Vendors –  Vendor product support with 24/7 field engineers to site with spares.

Aligned to engineering hardware services DTC’s consultancy offerings include design, build, project management, vendor selection and full turn – key solutions. Typical projects cover global CPE migrations to cloud, PSTN exchange / central office shut down, metro, regional and international transmission, Access, RAN and Subsea engineering. Benefits include specialized independent hardware expertise to support optimising project costs, flexibility, scalability, faster delivery, and increased global reach.

Our core engineering services provide an outsourced networking technology skills bank that can be used as and when needed across long term strategic projects, tactical engagements through to a single day task. Currently we see independent skills take up in RAN – 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks, next generation IP,FTTX networks, Access, Metro, and long haul Subsea DWDM and legacy PSTN networks.

TNS along with fully managed Reverse Logistics and After Market Services support our overall value proposition. Our Professional Engineering Services actively support a reduction in carbon emissions and energy usage through network optimisation, and smaller facility footprints across networks. Remote monitoring and preventative maintenance also contribute to reduced operating transportation costs at a time when the telecom industry is now more focused than ever on environmental impacts and sustainability.

With DTC as your Telecom Lifecycle Management partner  we help your business with secure asset disposal, encourage re-use, reduce on-going operations and maintenance costs, support the right hardware choices, offer ‘pay as you go’ expert technical skills and deliver this proven value proposition on an on-going basis year after year.

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